From the author: The Sagan Conspiracy is an explosive and information-rich story about the Carl Sagan no one knows, the man who became the world’s first ancient alien theorist a decade before Erich von Daniken wrote Chariots of the Gods. It is also an unauthorized expose’ of a long-running government cover-up of the legitimate science behind ancient alienism that, tragically, continues to this day. It is a searing indictment of deception and abuse of power inside NASA, SETI, and the Pentagon.

The Sagan Conspiracy will be available through your favorite book outlet in November, 2016.  My wish is for an informative and enlightening experience for all who read this book. Contact information will be posted on this site upon release, and comments and critical feedback will be welcomed.

Throughout his career, Carl Sagan was committed to full scientific transparency. I believe that The Sagan Conspiracy honors that commitment by informing you what the government does not want you to know about ancient aliens. In the process, Sagan’s ancient alien research is elevated above the tabloids and popular television documentaries to the level where he felt it belongs.

Finally, as a bonus feature, I’m thrilled and honored that The Sagan Conspiracy includes the complete and unabridged text of the breakthrough scientific paper on ancient alienism that Carl wrote at Stanford University in 1962, that the United States government has gone to extreme lengths to suppress. For all who have an interest in ETI, to have this incredible document in your personal library is, itself alone, well worth the price of the book.

Regards to all,
Donald L. Zygutis

About the Author

I am a graduate of Corban University and currently reside in Bend, Oregon. My favorite subjects are science and philosophy. My favorite hobbies are hiking and traveling. I have studied the writing's of Carl Sagan for over 40 year's. I believe Carl Sagan was one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century as well as a great human being. As I point out in my book, The Sagan Conspiracy, Sagan's belief in ancient aliens is indisputable and I am honored to be able to bring facts to light about his life and beliefs that have been suppressed and covered up by the Pentagon and NASA.

For the past several years I have had but a single goal: To help make the most important discovery in the history of mankind by assisting in the finding scientifically indisputable evidence that advanced extraterrestrials exist and have been to our planet. Thanks to the search strategy developed by Carl Sagan at Stanford University, which I outline in my book, The Sagan Conspiracy, I can state with a high level of confidence that science is on the precipice of locating the smoking gun that will answer, once and for all, the question: Are we alone?, and the answer will be a resounding NO! Some scholars have lamented that the age of great paradigm changing discoveries is over. The are wrong. When it is proven to scientific certainty that aliens exist and have been to Earth, the foundations of human civilization will be shaken to their core, forcing in a set of transformative new Realities. That day, I believe, is not far off.